Print To Fit

With our laser print and personalisation capacity of over two million A4 pages a week, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Naturally, we’re scalable enough to handle a wide range of paper sizes and densities, plus duplex printing, too.

Yours might be a straightforward mailing project. Or it might be a more complex, variable- data document like a transaction statement or a detailed form. No problem. With our high- quality Hitachi print engines, we’ll meet or beat your deadlines.

Outsourcing has never made such sense. Why not team our printing facility with any or all of our embossing, fulfilment, contract packing, telemarketing and storage solutions? Then get on with simply running your business.

Outsourcing to Intalekt just makes so much sense. You’ve no staff to worry about. You’ve instant access to experts. There are no salaries to pay − just pay us a low rate and reward us on performance. You’ve no office bills and zero overheads. There’s no need to train anyone − we’ve done that. And, if your needs are irregular? Well, we’re completely scalable and flexible.

Email or call our Lancashire print team today on 01282 610 646 for a competitive quote.

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