Undoubtedly using the telephone is the most cost effective means of targeting your prospects. It's pro-active, interactive, quick, readily available, easy to use and delivers high conversion rates.

Our friendly team of experienced professionals are at your service to increase your sales, test new markets, follow up direct mailings, cleanse your databases, build relationships and increase your business.

At Intalekt we show our expertise at making outbound calls for your company and helping you create a profitable, long-term partnership with your customers.

In essence we work very closely from the beginning to implement a strategy that not only works well, but achieves all of your marketing aims. Our Outbound Call Centre Service includes:

  • Direct Sales
  • Information Gathering
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Subscription Generation
  • Controlled Circulation Auditing
  • List Cleaning
  • Sales Follow Up
  • Market Research
  • Event Building
  • Seminar & Conference Booking
  • Welcome Calls
  • E-commerce
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