Avoid missing calls 24 hours 7 days a week and present a professional service at a fraction of the cost of a receptionist.

Getting started

THIS IS A SIMPLE PROCESS which we will show you how to divert calls to your “Virtual Receptionist” when you are out of office or on another call or if required we can be your first point of call and take messages for onward transmission.

We offer a free voice messaging service for out of hours calls to ensure that calls are never lost.

How it works

When a call comes in your virtual receptionist will answer it in your company name, politely finding out who the caller is, WHAT THE CALL IS REGARDING and either take a message WITH the INFORMATION YOU REQUIRE or transfer the call to you, if you'd prefer to speak to the caller directly.

Finally, your virtual receptionist will send you a message by text, email to let you know we've taken a call and pass on the caller's details.

If required we can provide the 0800 number range to meet your requirements.