Why Choose intalekt for your next project?

Contact Centre

Intalekt is one of the UK's fastest growing contact centres providing B2B and B2C campaigns.

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Plastic Card Services

Intalekt offers full plastic card services including design, printing, embossing and attaching.

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Ticketing Services

We are now offering full ticketing services to a wide range of organisations.

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From packing services to mailing services and printing, Intalekt does it all.

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First Impressions Count

Intalekt is a target driven outsourced Marketing and Sales centre that delivers these specialised services to companies in the UK and worldwide.

This includes general outbound and inbound telemarketing services along with specialist areas such as controlled circulation registration, subscription sales and inbound e-commerse and call handling.

Intalekt provides a combination of call centre, data provision, data analysis, plastic card services, tickets, mailing, print services, fulfilment, e-mail sending and packing.

Capability and web hosting, providing a one stop customer contact solution. Every part of the campaign process from initial consultation to ROI analysis is managed in-house by our team of dedicated Account Managers.

"First impressions do count. Any type of communication that you send your customers or prospects builds an image of your company."

"The telephone is the most instant and personal method of communication and is why we deliver campaigns with a passionate attention to detail, in order to help you grow sales quickly at minimal cost."

"Our extensive understanding of data enables us to provide you with a unique view on your target market; quite simply, we give you reasons to invest in communication"

David Holt Managing Director - Intalekt

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